Current Satellite Images - Visible & IR

Cloud Cover Prediction

The images at the top of the page show visible and infra-red (IR) images of the UK and Europe. The IR image still being usable at night. The images link through to time animated versions on the Sat24 website. The page automatically refreshes at 5 minutes intervals to display the most up to date images available.

The high resolution static images on the page are from EUMETSAT's MeteoSat-9. The main static image is a combination of IR and water vapour channels. The white and off-white areas indicate cloud pretty much as for normal IR images, but with the overall toning indicating colder (red/blue) and warmer (yellow/green) airmasses. For a full explanation see this interpretation guide. The mouse over image is a processed IR image enhanced to show low cloud and fog as yellow/green areas. These near ground-temperature clouds are usually invisible in normal IR images. For a full explanation see this interpretation guide. All MeteoSat images are provided courtesy of and copyright 2012- EUMETSAT. Clicking on the image links through to the most recent very high resolution NOAA GOES image of western Europe.

The cloud prediction animation embedded at the bottom of the page is from the MeteoBlue website. They also provide a number of other prediction animations.

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