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Example All Sky Camera capture.
Indecisive clouds on a midsummer night, as sunset gives way to sunrise.
20110610 6pm to 6am.

Res:704x576, fps:10, size:12.7MB, codec:MPEG4 (h264)

Example All Sky Camera capture.
A clear midwinter night - From Pegasus through Andromeda, Taurus, Orion, Gemini and Leo to Virgo.
20101208 6pm to 6am.

Res:704x576, fps:10, size:9.3MB, codec:MPEG4 (h264)

Centaur rocket dumping unused fuel after launching the DMSP-F18 military weather satellite that precedes it. Also available as a large animated gif - 20091018 - captured by All Sky Camera.

Res:704x576, fps:2, size:340KB, codec:Xvid

Noctilucent "ghost" clouds at sunset - 20090712 - captured on "old-DV-cam-in-a-can" Bourn, UK

Res:704x576, fps:10, size:2.16MB, codec:Xvid

Pack Trip Perseid Night - Eastern Sierras. Fisheye timelapse of Milkyway rotating across sky. Click here for composite star trail image - 20070818 - Captured on Canon 300D DSLR.

Res:776x516, fps:15, size:6.43MB, codec:Xvid

Lenticular Lee Wave Clouds - Eastern Sierras - Composite sequence set to music

Res:720p, fps:15, size:15.3MB, codec:WMV

Lenticular Lee Wave Clouds - Higher quality house section - Eastern Sierras

Res:720p, fps:15, size:6.43MB, codec:Xvid

Lee wave cloud front formation - Eastern Sierras

Res:720p, fps:15, size:1.73MB, codec:Xvid

Problems playing the movies?

Movies on this page are encoded in a variety of formats and depending on your OS and media player you may need to install additional codecs or media players in order to view them.

For Windows users I recommend the free Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP) as a good way to install the necessary codecs for the timelapse movies. The pack supports Windows Media Player and other Windows based media players.

For playback of Xvid encoded movies Windows users can use the CCCP codec pack above, or alternatively you can install the free open source Xvid codec directly (Windows and Linux supported). If you already have the commercial Windows DivX player installed then this should happily play the Xvid encoded movies.

WMV format movies should play without problems under Windows Media Player, other platforms may not be able to support playback.

Archived All Sky Cam movies are encoded in H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format. Windows users can use the CCCP codec pack above. Alternatively Linux, Mac and Windows users can download and use the free open source VLC Media Player. Linux users can also use MPlayer.

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