Rosetta Nebula

Rosetta Nebula

Higher resolutions: 3000x3000 (75%)

About this Image

Subject Rosetta Nebula (AKA Rosette Nebula)
Objects The nebula has no single designation but is covered by NGC 2237, NGC 2238, NGC 2239 and NGC 2246, with the central star cluster NGC2244.
Description The massive young stars in the central cluster formed perhaps a million or so years ago. Their intense light causes the surrounding gas to glow, and combined with their stellar winds has carved out the hollow central portion of the nebula. This process will continue over the next few million years until the whole nebula has been dissipated.

The image covers an area of sky equivalent to the width of around three full moons.

Technical Details

Date 2009 02 13
Location Pumpkin Patch Observatory, Bourn, Cambridge, UK
Environment ~0C, 89% humidity, 80% moon
Optics Astro Optik 400mm Cassegrain @ prime focus (f=1200mm)
Filters Astrodon 6nm Ha, YR Cyclops filter wheel
Mount Paramount ME
Camera FLI Microline 16803
Exposure 20x240s
Processing Maxim/DL 5, CCDStack, Photoshop CS
Notes Prime focus test image. Taken after system optical tilt diagnosed to be due to non-orthogonal CCD mounting, and fixed with shims made from slices from a can of 7-UP. Collimation still to be completely dialed-in. No guidescope yet connected. Short exposures used to reduce trailing. Threw away worst 50% of results. Remaining star trailing fixed with Focus Magic motion blur removal. Dithered. CCD setpoint 0C to avoid CCD window condensation issues (prior to heater fix).
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