The Crescent Nebula

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About this Image

Subject The Crescent Nebula
Objects NGC 6888 AKA Sharpless 105, WR 136 AKA HD 192163
Info Wikipedia entry
Data SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) database entry
Description Spectral band image of Crescent Nebula. Red = Hydrogen Alpha, Green = synthetic Hb+O3, Blue = O3.

The Crescent Nebula is a form of planetary nebula where the nebula has been created by the fast stellar wind from the central massive star impacting with it's previously ejected outer shell from the red giant phase. The central star is a Wolf-Rayet star - these are massive stars that burn through their fuel at a prodigous rate. They are the James Dean's of stars that live fast and die young!

Technical Details

Date 20100912-20101205
Location Pumpkin Patch Observatory, Bourn, Cambridge, UK
Optics Astro Optik 400mm Cassegrain @ Cassegrain focus (f=3600mm)
Filters Astrodon 6nm narrowband, YR Cyclops filter wheel
Mount Paramount ME
Camera FLI Microline 16803
Exposure Total exposure 22.8hrs - R/Ha 8.3hrs, Synthetic G = Ha*.3+OIII, B/OIII 14.5hrs, 20 and 10 minute subs
Processing Maxim/DL 5, CCDStack, Photoshop CS
Notes Green channel is made up of a synthetic Hb created from Ha 30%, and OIII at 100%;
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