Elephant's Trunk Nebula in IC1396

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About this Image

Subject Elephant's Trunk Nebula in north east quadrant of IC1396
Objects IC1396, vdB142 / LDN1105 / IC1396A / IC1396B / Comet tail number 6, B161
Data SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) database entry
Description Narrowband image of cometary globule and dark nebulae within IC1396 emission nebula complex. False colour presentation using hubble palette (Red = Sulphur II, Green = Hydrogen Alpha, Blue = Oxygen III).

A wider field view showing the whole IC1396 nebula is shown in this old image. In that view the top left portion of the nebula corresponds to the image on this page.

Technical Details

Date 20090905-20090926
Location Pumpkin Patch Observatory, Bourn, Cambridge, UK
Environment ~10-15C, 75-85% humidity
Optics Astro Optik 400mm Cassegrain @ prime focus (f=1200mm)
Filters Astrodon 6nm narrowband, YR Cyclops filter wheel
Mount Paramount ME
Guiding Borg 101ED/SBIG ST402ME
Camera FLI Microline 16803
Exposure Total exposure 19.6hrs - R/SII 7.5hrs, G/Ha 3.3hrs, B/OIII 8.83 hrs, 10/20 minute subs
Processing Maxim/DL 5, CCDStack, Photoshop CS
Notes F3 now decently collimated, reasonable seeing - 1.5px fwhm for some OIII subs. The image above is a new attempt at reprocessing the image data from the one originally posted on this page.
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