M106 Galaxy

Higher resolutions: M106 1330x1246 (33%)

About this Image

Subject M106, with possible companion NGC 4248 spiral in lower left of image
Data NED database entry
Description M106 is a galaxy located in the constellation of Canes Venatici (the hunting dogs). At a distance of 29 million light years it is one of the closest Seyfert type galaxies. Seyferts are a class of galaxies with intensely bright cores - their radiation is thought to be generated by gas infalling onto the accretion disk of their central supermassive black hole. Seyferts could be considered as a "missing link" between quasars and the generally quiescent central blackholes found in galaxies in the current epoch.

Technical Details

Date 2009 05 04
Location Pumpkin Patch Observatory, Bourn, Cambridge, UK
Environment ~8-9C, 85-95% humidity, no moon
Optics Astro Optik 400mm Cassegrain @ cassegrain focus (f=3600mm)
Filters Astrodon L, YR Cyclops filter wheel
Mount Paramount ME
Guiding Borg 101ED/SBIG ST402ME
Camera FLI Microline 16803
Exposure 2hrs 10minutes, 10 minute subs
Processing Maxim/DL 5, CCDStack, Photoshop CS
Notes Taken after camera refit at FLI - CCD sensor orthogonality to the optical axis now appears close to perfect, and new CCD window heater allows the camera to be run at -30C without any dewing. Great job FLI!
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